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Alassa village is only 12 Kilometres from Limassol on the main Limassol to Troodos road. It is built north of the Kouris dam and has a magnificent view of the dam. The village moved to its present location in 1985 because of the construction of the Kouris dam.

The history of Alassa began in the 17th century BC and slowly through the years the village was abandoned. It was revived in 1881 AD as a small settlement of 23 residents. In around 1930, there was a substantial increase in its population. Today, there are about 200 residents living in Alassa village.

There is a restaurant at the top of the hill and a beautiful park that has variety of birds and takes its name from the village: Alassa Park, and also the Kouris Tavern which is located just outside the village on the main road. Before the village moved to its present location, it was located on the right bank of Kouris river valley. The villagers cultivated the land and produced vineyards, almond trees, olive trees, the famous carobs and a variety of citrus fruit. Today there are twenty livestock farms around the village.

In 1984 the first archaeological excavation began in Pano Mantilaris. Nobody could have foreseen that Alassa would be known in three continents. The interest in Alassa began in 1988 when the first seminar took place at Cambridge University. In 1993 the findings of the excavators was presented at the American Archaeological institute in Washington DC. In 1995 the same findings were presented to four Australian universities: Melbourne, Sydney, Campera and Latirobe. On 18 January 2000 those findings were presented at the American Academy of Athens.

The invitation to present the findings from the later Bronze Age in The Louvre Museum in Paris shows clearly the great value of those findings. For three months inside the Louvre Pyramid there was a huge poster advertising the Alassa community. In Pano Mantilaris archaeologists excavated the biggest building of late copper age (occupying 1440 square metres) that has ever been found in Cyprus.

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